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Could you be threatened with your own home videos?

Revenge-crime can happen in the most unexpected ways!

Data & Society and the Center for Innovative Public Health Research conducted a report, which found, that one in 25 US citizens has been subject to online harassment through sensitive personal material. It’s called “revenge porn”. The report was distilled from the answers of 3000 participants above 15 years old, who had been contacted by telephone. The LMB (lesbian, gay, or bisexual) community was most affected, 15% of participants had been threatened, and 7% actually had suffered the publicizing of their private photos or videos. For women, this ratio was 10/7 percents.

“Roughly 3% of online Americans have had someone threaten to post nude or nearly nude photos or videos of them online to hurt or embarrass them, and 2% have had someone post an explicit photo or video of them online without their permission. Taken together, 4% of U.S. internet users—roughly 10.4 million Americans—have been a victim of “revenge porn” through threats or actual posting of sensitive images.”

The criminals could be ex-lovers or hackers, who find a way to steal the digital material from the victims by breaking into their computers or smartphones. The victims suffer the consequences of public humiliation, sometimes losing their jobs, and the stolen material can even raise the attention of other sexual predators. Revenge porn is a serious crime which is strictly sanctioned by the law in most places, but sometimes police answer is sluggish. Law enforcement agencies need to keep up with the rapid development of technology, and its methods.

“It’s incredibly important that we recognize that men are also victims of non-consensual pornography,” said Michele Ybarra, President and Research Director at the Center for Innovative Public Health Research and one of the authors of the report. “When we talk about victims of ‘revenge porn,’ male victims are often invisible—but hopefully this report will challenge us to think differently.”



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