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Intelligent trashcans on CES


Is your trashcan already on the internet? Not? Trash it! But wait, first you will need a GeniCan equipped trashcan, so you can trash it properly. GeniCan debuted on the CES show and it’s a stick-on attachment for your trash can that utilizes a barcode scanner and voice recognition.

So, with it, before you trash anything, from now on, you have to scan the barcode – if it’s still there on the used up product, and the gadget uploads it to a smartphone app. If the barcode already gone, you just dictate the item into your trashcan, but close the curtains first, someone might see you talking to a wastebin.

No more waste – and no more

Of course, once you two get acquainted, the bins going to help you in a lot of ways. If you throw out things you don’t need any more, it’ll order them again automatically. So, once you have purchased something, it’ll stay with you for the rest of your days: BFF.

So long quitting smoking.

And of course GeniCan will text you to empty it, once there’s no room for more garbage to take it out. It can be you or your kid. Just make sure you choose the proper size. I mean the trashcan, not the kid.

VIA: TheNextWeb

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