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Artificial Intelligence in your toaster (Cylons, really??)

Raspberry Pi is a cheap, palm sized computer which is very popular for its versatility, primarily within the home inventor community who mainly use it for Internet of Things (IoT)  solution building. It is something like a basic building brick of any plan that includes a small but powerful computer and things that computer controls. Google is working hard to equip the thing with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools capabilities for obvious reasons: this combinations can pave the way to autonomous systems capable of learning and developing themselves and refining their actions according to new data they receive. The search giant already developed a tools for machine learning, IoT devices, robotics and home automation.

Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation said:  “The new tools could enable makers to build even more powerful projects. Google is going to arrive in style in 2017. The tech titan has exciting plans for the maker community. It’s fantastic to see Google getting closer to the maker community. I’m particularly excited about the prospect of connecting Raspberry Pi to some of the machine learning work coming out of Google DeepMind in London, allowing us to build smart devices that interact in the real world.”

Google’ representative added: “We don’t have any specifics to announce right now, but we’re excited to keep sharing more open source machine learning tools with the community – stay tuned for more this year.” In 2015, the Raspberry Pi was the most popular British computer ever made. Up until today, more than 10 million have been sold.


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