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Is SWARM the new SWAG? Experimental mind-reading in theatres.

A fresh Hollywood movie and and a science experiment, will be held jointly at MindGamers, a Sam Neill starred new sci-fi movies premiere. The viewers minds will be monitored through “cognitive bands”. The movie itself is an It’s an “action film for the mind”. These bands will monitor and record the state of the audience’s minds simultaneously during the film. The mad scientists didn’t tell everything about exactly what’s being monitored, whilst the movie is about a group of “brilliant young students” that create a “wireless neural network” that could link every mind in the world through a quantum computer. Of course something will go wrong, and it will be in tight connection with the connected brains, and perhaps the planet will need to be saved – unless of course an American president deletes the website about the problem (that’s usually enough to solve real  dangers in itself. Bigly.) Let’s hope, that the premiere’s audience will not be notified of some weird experiment already taken place with their participation, when the ending credits rolls.

Above the obvious marketing promotional intention, this will be the first time that researchers will try to monitor so many people at once. It will result in a “collective conscious image” which could drive research into the nature of human cognition.

(picture credit:A Clockwork Orange, Warner Bros. )

VIA: EnGadget

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