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Apple’s iOS 11 Lets You Disable Touch ID in Case of Emergency

Pixabay/ Public Domain

Apple is making sure that its users are protected even when faced with dire situations. How, you may ask. Well, iOS 11 has a brand new safety feature that disables the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

How could this help you? Well, if someone wants to get access to your phone, whether we’re talking about some muggers or even the police, they can’t get past it without your fingerprint, which is easy to force out of someone.

The new feature forces the phone to revert to passcode access after quickly touching the sleep button five times. Up until now, in order to revert to passcode access you’d have to restart the phone via long press on the sleep button and swiping power off the screen. This can’t exactly be done with your hand in your pocket, trying to stay as secretive as possible.

The feature comes as part of the operating system’s Emergency SOS mode in iOS 11, which let users configure the phone to automatically call an emergency number when in trouble. This feature sends a message to people you’ve sent as “emergency contacts” complete with the user’s location.


The new addition was discovered by an iPhone user in the public beta of iOS 11. It’s a rather cool feature to have, indeed, and it brings it to pretty much the same level as Google’s Trusted Contacts app. That particular app allows users to set a list of emergency contacts who will get your location in case of emergency. Additionally, iPhone users get the extra protection of disabling the fingerprint scanner in just a few seconds.

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