AI is a smarter enemy, at least in games

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like mushrooms. It’s spreading in the tech world is like mushrooms after rain, the scale and function is like mushroom in the clouds. Soon it will be there everywhere, we at TCSF already feel like there’s no newsbit without it, medtech, fintechg, cyber-security, you name it, it’s there. And of course games.

Bandai Namco, is the games company behind Tekken, Dark Souls and someof the existing Dragonball games. It has recently invested in an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, called Heroz. Heroz has an algorithm for shogi which is a Japanese chess, that won against several professional human players in public matches.

The lead at Bandai Namco hopes to improve its non-playing character behavior in future titles, by utilising the newly grabbed AI. Heroz has worked with the Pokemon Company to make Pokemon Co-master, a figurine-battling board game for smartphones that (according to Nikkei) didn’t do so well.

Who remembers nowadays 1994, when the first computer beat Kasparov in London, on the Intel Grand Prix?

VIA: Engadget


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  1. It’s great that the AI keeps getting smarter in games. AI making stupid calls is one of the things that makes a lot of games pretty dull to play (or frustrating if the AI is supposed to be supporting you). Thanks for sharing.

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