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CES isn’t only about smartphones, drones and TVs. Believe it or not Las Vegas is focusing on health and fitness as well. Although fitness products aren’t a new category it is evolving and getting more and more amazing.

Lets see three unbelievable health products from the giant health market.


SimForHealth is a french startup which is hoping to use virtual reality as a teaching tool in the healthcare industry. They designed VR scenarios that puts doctors in an emergency room where they have to diagnose and treat the patient. With HTC Vive headset on and using the systems motion controllers they can step into an emergency room and save someone’s life virtually. The startup’s plan is to build a marketplace where medical professionals can share other scenarios or buy one from other creators. The VR system was developed with the University Hospital in Nice. 


TytoCare is an Israeli startup that has developed a device that serve as a stethoscope, thermometer and otoscope, the device a doctor uses to examine your ears or throat. It has a high-resolution camera that record pictures and video of your mouth and throat; microphones that can listen to your heart and lungs; and an infrared sensor that can read the temperature of your forehead. IT collects data from all those sensors and can transfer it to your doctor through the app.  A display on the scanner directs users where to point the camera or place the microphone for the best result. It definitely saves time, money and a trip to the hospital. You can pre-order the consumer version now which costs $299.

Project Zero Heartvue

Omron – which is a longtime medical device maker – developed a smartwatch that doubles as a blood pressure monitor. The watch’s wristband encircle the blood pressure cuff. Heartvue takes the blood pressure readings and sends them to a smartphone app. It has a built-in activity tracker and will display notifications from your smartphone. It is still waiting for FDA approval, the watch will cost around $300.

VIA: SiliconBeat

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